You will recognise many of the locals in this photo taken at a summer fete possible mid/late 1960s:
Photo is too crowded to point out positions but the following are in there somewhere: Derek McCrorie, Mrs Williams and daughter Valerie, Sheena Christie, Jean McGeoch,Tibby McCutcheon, Lizzie McKie, Bobby Crozier, Mrs Templeton (Oldland), Bob and Emily McKie. Maureen Griffin, May Ferries, Miss Edwards, Mrs Riddell, Jimmy Cloy, Margaret Gemmel (Holm) and her sister Nellie Young, Mrs Blacklaws, Mrs Gunning, Miss Craig, John McKie, Beatrice Drysdale, Ray Armstrong, Gillian Armstrong, Isabel Adams, Mary and Brenda Whalen, Nan McMaster, Mrs Cathcart, Mrs Boyd, Lily McKie, Marion Crozier.
Can you add any more names ?


Celebrating the Reverend Hugh Tolland being Minister in Kirkcowan for 30 years. Kirkcowan Hall was packed with parishioners including:
Mr & Mrs Murray, Sheena Blacklaws, Mr & Mrs John Young, John Smith, Alec McGeoch, Tom McGeoch, Margaret Young, Mrs Rae Bill & Agnes McKie, Lindsay Tolland, Margaret Hyslop, George Adams, Isobel Adams, Mr & Mrs Chris Dickson, Mrs Hamilton, John McKie, Bob McKie, Mr & Mrs John Paterson, Mrs Griffin, Peggy Adair, Peggy Crozier, David Murray, Mrs Drysdale, Lily McKie, Mrs McCall, Mr & Mrs John Cathcart, Lizzie McKie, Tibby McCutcheon, Nelly Barry.
Can you name any more ?


Can you see: Bob McCutcheon, Margaret Paterson, Pearl Drysdale, Margaret Young, Agnes McKie, Margaret Griffin, Jean McGeoch, Lizzie McKie and of course John Black with the bagpipes.
Who else do you recognise ?

Quite an event - road rolling in main Street. It is believed that the driver, who had a drink problem later fell under the roller in Whithorn and was killed when it ran over him.

Oddfellows Sports Day 6 July 1913

Bicycle Parade - Outside the Commercial Hotel (later the Post Office)

Snow - Main Street c1895

Snow - Station c1895

Procession - reason unknown

West Galloway Beekeeper's Association Shield
won by John (Mac) Wallace from Port William
Willie Paterson 2nd from the left and brother John Paterson 4th from the left.
Their wives are in 2nd row from front: Irene (husband Willie) 2nd from the left and Jean (husband John) 4th from the left

Wedding of Elspeth Fleming Hamilton